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* [[Mentors]]
* [[Mentors]]
* [[Gov Legal Finance]] (help needed)
* [[Gov Legal Finance]] (help needed)
* [[Wealth Abundance Prosperity]] - [[Stock Exchange]] (as the money making vehicle)
* [[Wealth Abundance Prosperity]] + [[Stock Exchange]] (as the money making vehicle)
* [[Notes Thoughts Ideas]]
* [[Notes Thoughts Ideas]] + [[How Is That Even Possible]]

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#hackbase   #hackerspace   #festival   #community   #tribe   #village

genesis as in source, beginning, origin

re as in renew, reset, restart, reboot, rejuvenate

How it all started?

  • I love festivals.
  • So much work wasted in setup and teardown.
  • I want to have festival lifestyle at all times. (festival as in 'community spirit' as opposed to loud music and intoxication with alcohol)
  • Buying land in Portugal + setting up infrastructure.
  • Taking Core Values and pressing reset button on operating system of humanity.

Main areas of focus


https://twitter.com/genesisdotre/status/642439674951258116 - one of the first ever ceremonies of two independent countries recognising each other.

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