Astral Pirate Law

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Part of the Kleros fellowship of justice[edit | edit source]

Gist of the agreement[edit | edit source] foundation agreement - Mon 24 April 2017 - Liam and Michal

It is the founding document of Astralship and is the brings into being the Astral Pirate Law:
1. In Astral Pirate Law all documents will be max one page
2. In order to be ratified a document must have a SHA256 hash calculated.
3. Each Astral Pirate singing the document must confirm using 3 separate verifiable channels. 
4. Cannot send all three at once. Before 3rd yes is sent, the counterparty need to reply.
5. Need to sleep on it - at least one sleep is required before really important stuff to happen.

We have realised that we share a very similar vision and are committing to combining our energies together to develop as a revolutionary vehicle for global transformation.
$ tree Astral\ Pirate\ Law/
Astral\ Pirate\ Law/
├── 001
│   ├── AstralshipFoundersagreement.txt
│   ├── Screen\ Shot\ 2017-04-25\ at\ 01.13.16.png
│   ├── Screen\ Shot\ 2017-04-25\ at\ 01.13.29.png
│   └── Screen\ Shot\ 2017-04-25\ at\ 01.13.43.png
└── 002
    ├── Pirate\ Agreement\ 180619\ -\ Resolution\ superseding\ founding\ agreement.txt
    ├── Screen\ Shot\ 2018-08-05\ at\ 23.13.16.png
    ├── Screen\ Shot\ 2018-08-05\ at\ 23.13.32.png
    ├── Screen\ Shot\ 2018-08-05\ at\ 23.14.32.png
    └── cropped
        ├── email.png
        ├── facebook.png
        └── whatsapp.png

Apologies for using spaces in the filenames, it's only slightly problematic when copy-paste the names.