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Bangladesh - Kazakhstan Land Deal



  • Bangladesh: affected by climate change
  • Kazakhstan: loads of land, tolerant culture

Bangladesh people settlement in Kazakhstan?

Historical precedents

Most recent history


Popiulation density is through the roof

Population density wiki.png

Dhaka density.png

Ever since I remember affected by the floods

The country has a long history of destructive flooding that has had very adverse impacts on lives and property. In the 19th century, six major floods were recorded: 1842, 1858, 1871, 1875, 1885 and 1892. Eighteen major floods occurred in the 20th century. Those of 1987, 1988 and 1951 were of catastrophic consequence. More recent floods include 2004 and 2010.

Bangladesh flooding map.png

Climate change does not help

Quite the opposite:

  • more extreme weather situation
  • increasing sea levels
  • more intense land erosion

Land erosion

"The UN says Bangladesh is one of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change – and one of the least prepared for the rising sea levels, weather extremes, and food security threats that could follow."

Border fence

- 2010:

India is fencing off its border with Bangladesh. What will that mean for millions of potential climate refugees?

- 2020

India is erecting a new non-cut 'steel fence' to plug vulnerable and infiltration-prone patches along its sensitive border with Pakistan and Bangladesh, officials said on Friday


Notable features of Kazakhstan:

Ego (it not about me)

To what extent is it ego-driven? I enjoy working on ambitious projects. It is related to CaaS: Civilisation as a Service and an initiative in Tuvalu - Citizenship By Investment

I have couple of projects going on and I'll be super happy to "hands off" on that.

Business model

What is the revenue stream? How do you menetize the audience that lives on less than $1 per day?

You don't... There is siseable benefit from avoiding conflict, that assumes we take externalities into account. From the pure GDP perspective, war is good for the existing model of the economy. See the summary of Mars's work, additional areas of impact:

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