Convert To Veganism

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During #cccamp15 I was volunteering and had access to kitchen - there were plenty of vegan products available - I've never had such a clarity in my mind, my body has never felt better.

Now I'm in the process of revamping my diet - invested in kitchen scales, containers, hemp protein (will get hemp seeds as well) - I also post some food photos on Instagram:

With that said (mind clarity, superb body) - I'm not religiously married to any idea.

I will not impose any way of thinking - see Freedom - all I can do is to live by example. I would like to have animals - I would like to feel their energy and allow them to grow. Main reason why I mentioned that - if you are on the edge and are considering joining, I don't want your decision to be based on my diet choices (it's your diet and your choice). I can only tell you that living in sunny Portugal with abundant healthy, fresh, organic, juicy fruits you don't need that much fat / meat to survive (as opposed to Scandinavia where sun goes down and your body needs to generate a lot of heat).

My "virtual" mentor - - what he says (I'm paraphrasing now) - woman, black people, minorities - they all have right to speak. Animals don't. Peace!