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Core Values


In computer terms - - we explain what has to be done rather than how.

Love, Peace, Respect

Love is the driving force

No matter what - ask yourself a question - does it come from love?

If the driving factor is something else than love - think again.

(this is was after a long debate - previously 'Law of the Land' was on top of the list - but it more important to emphasise 'Love' as Law of the Land is optional)

Trust, Honesty, Integrity

Just image what it would be otherwise!

EDIT: what sort of organisation puts "Integrity" in the their core values? That might be actually a red flag LOL.


Overcoming obstacles, becoming stronger in the face of adversity.

Law of the Land

Strength, Freedom, Independence

  • You join because you want.
  • There will be no marketing manoeuvres.
  • We will live by example and share our values (but to no marketing shenanigans).
  • We will allow Investors to support genesis financially that would allow to obtain more land and establish multiple locations.
  • Dedicated section on Freedom.

Be excellent to each other!

Permaculture and automation

We employ nature and technology to do the hard work

Open-source from the ground-up

  • Processes should be documented, accessible, transparent: Everything In Public
  • Using open-source software and open-source hardware
  • Not being dependent on proprietary technologies
  • Open-source should also apply to legal documents.

Examples of not OK:

Open source licence


Communication protocols

Being able to discuss 'tabu' such as ..., money, relationships, ... - they don't teach that in school: Education

No sarcasm, no irony, no rhetorical questions

No kidding, I'm a computer programmer and I talk with computers. As a matter of policy I don't use sarcasm, irony nor rhetorical questions.

The group comes from different countries, has different ages, various cultural background.

RTFM - read the f****** manual

All the information should be easily digestible by new members.

Use of plain english, no lengthy contracts.

We treat all the species well

Animal exploitation on industrial scale is not cool: Freedom#Speciesism

I'm making steps to become vegan - Convert To Veganism - it's about the journey.

Healthy relationship with money

Some high-yield remote work.

Supportive environment to launch innovative projects

Low cost of living + support systems + total immersion + close collaboration = chances of success.

Experimenting polyphasic sleep, brain hacking (nootropics) and peak performance

We think long term

We are here to stay.There will be future generations after us.

Adding value - WIN WIN WIN

  • It's more than 'zero sum' game
  • Creating long-lasting positive impact (we are here to stay)
  • Creating value, see also Wealth Abundance Prosperity
  • There might be an exception - Stock Exchange - where it is actually a zero sum game.

Agility / Flexibility / Adaptability
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.
We need to be able to make decisions fast. Again the example of,_2015
The voter turnout of 7.80 percent was well below the 50-percent threshold required for the referendum results to be legally binding.
If there is a prediction of something going terribly wrong we are able to make decisions quickly (in this instance call it off).

Not solving problems that haven't occurred yet

We have flexible processes allowing us to adapt. We don't have to predict every problem, it's enough to be aware that we can always figure it out.

Fairness / Justice / Reason

  • We are fair, just, reasonable.
  • We don't leave anyone with feeling of being 'unfair'.
  • Being 'unfair' causes grief, anxiety, frustration (a lot of bad stuff).
  • No matter what we ensure all involved parties agree on fundamentals and if there is stuff remaining we handle it in separate document.

Think for yourself

  • This is questionable / controversial and I need to do more reading.
  • Think for yourself as in make decisions that are best to you and your immediate needs.
  • Don't think "they may think that it is a better option" - if you think differently use your own guts - don't think about what else may think.

Don't think too much

  • As per previous point: don't think what other may think.
  • Brain is the most energy consuming part of the body.
  • So don't think too much, don't overanalyse - then you are hungry east, when you are tired sleep - but when you actually do it - be excellent! Share the process, share the notes, document the outcomes. Brain processing power is scarce resource and we should learn from each other.


It's more about technical details rather than actual values

No irreversible action can be taken lightly

Always ask what worse could happen?

  • If an action has easy, reversible fix - it is generally safe to apply
  • If an action has long-lasting irreversible consequences - be vigilant


  • I painted roof red, but we prefer white - no harm done - get some paint and re do
  • I cut the 100 year old oak tree - that is not cool

Protecting weak

Law should protect weak - strong will take care of themselves. When in doubt we take the side of weaker.

There is always way to back-off

  • We implement:
  • No serious decision can be done once and for all
  • We embrace "cooling off period" - within 3 sleeps we are allowed to cancel the deal.
  • Example: we decide to dedicate area of land for nuclear reactor. Then, as we walk in that area we realise it's not that good decision at all. Eventually we cancel the nuclear reactor deal. (just kidding, no nuclear reactors for now)

Anger, Hate, Retaliation are not OK

These are opposite to Love and are not OK We will try to resolve them.

(sound easy on paper but as a rule of thumb please accept - no good action will ever come from anger - if you want to prove something to yourself - train hard and participate in Olympic Games, break the World Record or something)


It may happen that other party is not engaged into a discussion. We may try to contact them via phone, email, Facebook, public facing comments. We take no objection as a permission to take action. At the same time - see above:

  • no irreversible thing
  • there are always ways to back-off

Direct communication

If a communication crisis surfaces after all we will treat this is an opportunity to establish new communication patters. Take for instance -

"The negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union pointed out the necessity of a quick, clear, and direct communication line between Washington and Moscow. As a result, the Moscow–Washington hotline was established. A series of agreements sharply reduced U.S.-Soviet tensions for the following years."

Whenever we do business with people we require direct communication option, as in -

White lies

  • "An often trivial, diplomatic or well-intentioned untruth."
  • "A minor or unimportant lie, esp one uttered in the interests of tact or politeness."
  • Should they be allowed or not? Controversial...

Sat 23 Sep 2017: Skill to break agreements is really tough. We are hardwired to tell the truth, I follow trust, honesty and integrity and yet... I agreed to pick up a guy from Bristol. But the communication was terrible, I didn't enjoy him at all. I even asked a friend common - "is he crazy, mentally ill"? Of course I should cancel the pick up... And yet - despite my intuition I didn't do it and it was a failure. Need to establish clean set of policies and procedures when it is OK to break agreements, and whenever an agreement is made - ensure there safety measures (penalties) preventing such occurrences.

Tue 2 Apr 2019: Appointment to discuss thing. But I know that thing is not happening. I should have cancelled the appointment. Instead, I didn't want to cancel the appointment last minute. It's not even a white lie (it's true) it's not breaking the agreement (not keeping the appointment). I should have just let them know. Why I haven't do it? I wanted to let them know about the side project of mine. Unrelated, not the best timing.

What The Feedback?

Don't go around the bush. Don't sugar coat. Assume other people are following the same set of the core values.

Thu 28 Dec 2017: I was offered some "feedback" about the talk. I'm not that silly, they wanted to say something to me, instead it started from some obvious true facts. Incorrect signal to noise ratio. Start with the feedback at first.