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Gov Legal Finance





  • Hongkong!
  • Liechtnstein!
  • Non-taxable!
  • Viva la Liberland! (thank you guys for inspiration)


genesis belongs its members

  • We will allow some shares to be available for Investors (allocated pool, avoid dilution)
  • I suggest we operate just as a startup and seed round, series A...
  • The idea is to prove the model and then expand to other locations, see 10 Year Vision (and that is why serious is money will be required)
  • In the short run - Recruitment Agency - doesn't require much initial investment, I can use 'social capital' I already have and take advantage of 20+ years in Krakow and 4.5 years in the UK.




Flag closeup.JPG Flag-background.JPG

  • Story of the creation: all waste material, one day, one man, one tool (black duct tape)
  • One side gold, one side silver.
  • As in 'space blanket'
  • Gold and silver also symbolises 1st and 2nd place because genesis is the best country (and it is so good it claims 2nd at the same time, just like [| Chuck Norris])

Coat of arms


  • I have your artwork at my wall... It's beautiful, full of meaning, simply perfect.
  • I would like to use your spectacular design - flag is taken (thermal blanket) - coat of arms, official stamps and emblems of various government departments are still available... Ministry of Truth? Ministry of Freedom? Ministry of Happiness? Take you pick, create future with me :)
  • Note: I'm mindful when quoting email conversations, especially with people who appreciate privacy. Related: Everything In Public.



  • Dialup modem:
  • John Lennon - Imagine:
  • UEFA Champions League theme song -



  • 1 unit
  • 1 value
  • 1 love
  • 1 karma
  • 1 unit of monetary value (UMV)
  • 1 om (almost like UMV)
  • I kind of like "units of monetary value" (explaining precisely what it is and it does)





__ Norwegian Krone

__ Swiss Frank

__ Chinese Yuan

__ Polish Zloty

__ BTC

__ ounces of Gold

__ Brazilian Real

__ Indian Rupees

In other words: 1 unit of monetary value (UMV) will contain all of the above.

UMV will be exchangeable.

Thinking about Gold Standard - - and how much actually can spend?

The only case where reserves can be taken - imminent cataclysm on planetary scale.

Country Of Incorporation

  • In the initial years location is very likely to be Portugal, see also Vision.
  • Hoverer, the mothership can be incorporated somewhere else with the subsidy registered in Portugal.
  • No idea guys - I'm a computer programmer - the only 2 companies (Mars Karma and Michal Stefanow) were incorporated in the UK.


  • Low maintenance
  • Low tax (tax-efficient)
  • Stability
  • Law of the Land

Legal structure

  • Charity
  • Trust
  • Non-profit
  • Delaware Corp (might make it easier when raising money, see Investors)
  • Public Benefit Corporation



  • There are Core Values that should capture 90% of cases.
  • The remaining 10% - every specific issue should have 1-page GoogleDoc written in plain English with no shenanigans.
  • If something is even more complicated - establish a better process (not solving problems that hasn't occurred yet)
  • At all times we assume other party adheres to Core Values - we actually we may want other party to sign them. Example: we are choosing vendor for solar panels. Although many businesses are created purely for profit we would prefer if their actions and services were driven by love.
  • Contracts are in place to protect us - we are not afraid of signing documents. This is not ill will - this is piece of mind. Ensuring everything is in place and no matter what each party is protected.