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Video Introduction[edit | edit source]


(41 seconds - watch link above first)

Situation[edit | edit source]

  • my partner is taking an internship overseas
  • we are likely to keep the flat (it's reasonably priced, too much hassle with packing things into storage)
  • in the current circumstances I am staying in the UK - I'd love to go 'digital nomad', see Bali - but for now I can only spend 90 days outside the UK to qualify for British citizenship (I know - it's complicated)
  • we can easily accommodate 5-6 people
  • we can invest in bunk beds / inflatable mattresses

On that basis - you are more than welcome to join me.

Internet[edit | edit source]

It's not spectacular. 5mbps but it is sufficient to make video calls and upload 1GB files overnight.

(working on it)

It is not set in stone[edit | edit source]

We may put things into storage, I may be contracting in Central London and making money. See Job

However it would be so much nicer to not be depended on the job, but work on innovative / creative / personal project with an infinite potential for growth. See Startup#Legitimate

Startup Village[edit | edit source]

Some places in Portugal are abandoned. Raising capital to purchase the whole village, provide required infrastructure (broadband internet) and start a new culture.

See keeping in touch to see ways how to be engaged[edit | edit source]