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2 weeks of researching the name[edit | edit source]

Genesis name research.png

Google Doc - name research history.png

Twitter[edit | edit source]

Twitter account created in September 2013: https://twitter.com/genesisdotre

Twitter joined September 2013.png

How it all started?[edit | edit source]

  • I love festivals.
  • So much work wasted in setup and teardown.
  • I want to have festival lifestyle at all times. (festival as in 'community spirit' as opposed to loud music and intoxication with alcohol)
  • Buying land in Portugal + setting up infrastructure.
  • Taking Core Values and pressing reset button on operating system of humanity.

32c3[edit | edit source]


Photo curtesy of @MrChrisEllis

Notes from August 2013[edit | edit source]

Notes - August 2013.png

As I'm visiting my friend I finally have fast (as in "normal") internet and can update operating system. With the update there is new "Notes" app so I had a glance at some other notes and I've found some archives from August 2013...

How can you define real?[edit | edit source]

How_Can_You_Define_Real - if we are made of atoms that are vibrating, at a large enough scale we are not a fixed matter. Consensual reality operates in 3 dimensions but what if there are higher-dimensional manifestations that stay undetectable to modern science? (YEAH - consider it as a thought experiment - "what if")

Name originated as the Facebook album created in London in February 2011: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150094044119886.279843.784479885&type=1&l=0a8563ba24

How can you define real.png