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In one of my previous job I was earning £500 per day + VAT. That's £600 per day, that's $800 per day, that's $100 per hour.

Too bad my happiness level were not there and could not sustain it.

The moment you are at $100 level, your perception about time and money shifts and you evaluate things as "how many days of work".

How about going 10x? How to reach $1000 per hour level? Lets go exponential...

$1000 per hour[edit | edit source]

10% in cash, 90% in shares[edit | edit source]

Finding the best of both worlds. Getting paid while obtaining ownership in the company.

briefing - work - delivery[edit | edit source]

problem - thinking thinking thinking - solution

Doing research and outreach calls to reach delivery / solution.

instant powerup calls[edit | edit source]

Pick my brain. Instant feedback.

I know why certain professions charge that much[edit | edit source]

Exponential leverage. Training senior leadership. Mentorship. Business coaches.

Lawyers - years of training. Compliance. Regulation. Responsibility. Archiving.

Accountants - saving 10x in taxes.[edit | edit source]

Recruitment Agency[edit | edit source]

CV[edit | edit source]

Google Doc - the lastest (as of Sat 22 Dec 2018)

Google Doc - rather old (Fri 16 Oct 2015), preserving for posterity

Criteria[edit | edit source]

Sleep[edit | edit source]

Rather than intoxicating myself with caffeine I would to have opportunity to take a nap. Designated sleep area. No more hiding in disables toilet (the only place that is private and big enough to lie down). Actually it wasn't that convenient either - noise from corridor and elevators was not cool.

It is already happening:

Outdoor[edit | edit source]

Unless air conditioning is pumping enhanced oxygen mixture I prefer fresh air. Happy to conduct various experiments with enhanced oxygen levels or carrying my own oxygen bottle. I really need fresh air and Sun. In the UK there is not much Sun so on sunny days - I really need to be outside and I'll do the work in the evening / at night.

Standing desk[edit | edit source]

Get a £5 table in IKEA -

Guess what - health and safety - cannot have standing desk at my current place. That's not sustainable.

Incentives[edit | edit source]

Working as if it was last job in my life! (infinite growth potential).

For many years my priorities, incentives and driving factors were as follow:

  • get paid
  • learn something useful (increase market value, increase pay)
  • preserve energy so I can work on my projects after hours (whether it was legal or not that's another story)

I don't want have a job like this anymore. I would rather have some incentives to work extra hard and actually make things happen.

Care to explain more? I think I was generally smart and was able to complete work in half amount of time. During first month when I was overly eager and enthusiastic I've learnt (cultural thing) that noone else give a f*** and I had to learn how to mitigate my enthusiasm. That's how big companies work - they move slowly, at a sustainable pace.

Types of jobs I can do[edit | edit source]

Developer[edit | edit source]

This is what I do.

LinkedIn: GitHub: (5+ years and counting) StackOverflow: (top 5% this year)

Sales Marketing[edit | edit source]

These are interchangeable and go side by side.

I love presenting, I love being on the stage.

But first - I need live and breathe the product - I need to be fully convinced it is the winner. Otherwise I would be lying to potential customers and lying is not cool.

Hacking[edit | edit source]

Would be nice to learn some tools.

I'm not a hacker.

I want to learn. Hopefully I'll create an opportunity in Hackbase to actually learn the thing.

Teaching workshop[edit | edit source]

Ethereum workshop:

Once upon a time I wrote a proposal for 1 day intense web developer workshop:

I would be happy to teach it to homeless people. The other day I wrote a blog post about economy of being homeless (that is not cool) - - and I want to help them as much as I can.

Whole system thinker[edit | edit source]

Recently posted quite a lot about Category: Climate Change - I believe there is some value there.

All above[edit | edit source]

As in Helping Others - offering various services to people who need them most

Jobs that appear fun[edit | edit source]

  • GoogleX
  • Microsoft Research
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Reviewing flagged YouTube videos

Job will always remain a job - chances of becoming wealthy are relatively low.

Chances of changing the world are relatively low.

Be a leader, not a follower.

(people I would like to work with are exceptional individuals with plenty of options and my job is to become a valuable partner to them)