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Flow State Peak Performance Brand

Various Posts Around Internet

2015/09/17 Beckley Foundation FB

When I arrived to the fundraising page project was already funded but I decided to 'vote with my wallet' for a privilege to be in the same room with all these people.

I really liked some snippets: * Psylocibin is easier to get permission because noone recognises the word * £3000 for a dose of scientific LSD * Comparison to dark ages (Copernicus and Gallileo)

I also observed that currently we have rather expensive and bulky piece of equipment: MRI scanner. We are able to observe areas of brain with enhanced blood flow. Such a crude measurements!

Project idea (feedback needed): In my next iteration of getting a job I'll dedicate a section to my experiences - I would like to work with people who are open minded and appreciate that 15 minutes nap to recharge is better than constant stream of intoxication coming from sugar and caffeine. 

Project idea (feedback needed): How can you define real? With the rise of Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Psychedelic Consciousness (PC) - how can you define real? What is consensual reality? Think in terms 'Touring Test' transcended from 1950 into 2015...

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Brain Drain
A similar phenomenon occurred in Poland after its entry into the European Union. In the first year of its EU membership, 100,000 Poles registered to work in England, joining an estimated 750,000 residents of Polish descent. Research conducted by PKO Bank Polski, Poland's largest retail bank, shows that 63% of Polish immigrants to the UK were aged between 24 and 35, with 40% possessing a university degree. However, with the rapid growth of salaries in Poland, its booming economy, the strong value of the złoty, and decreasing unemployment (which fell from 14.2% in May 2006 to 8% in March 2008), the flight of Polish workers slowed. In 2008 and early 2009 people who came back outnumbered those leaving the country. The exodus is likely to continue, however.


Master 2FA

Thinking about some master account containing OAuth tokens to other services. In that way if some service does not support 2-factorauthentication, the master account will do.

On top of that - some physical layer of security -

Reclaiming rare minerals

We can collect at a massive scale and hope to improve processes in the coming years.

Secret Sauce Conference

Waiting for slides - - some of the tools are really cool. At this stage not using marketing.

  • Growth Mindset
  • Master of mayhem honey badger
  • Joinef 
  • Hemmingway
  • Buzzwords
  • SocialBro
  • Tweepi 
  • Famebit 
  • Livestream 


Outer Space Treaty

Smart Wallet

  • ICE (in case of emergency)
  • organ donor
  • blood type
  • if far away from phone vibrates and vice versa
  • RFID protect
  • must exist already (no kidding) (yep yep, more and more wallets on Kickstarter)

Pitching for money at the current workplace

I tried pitching for funds but it is easier to just DIY, see Hackbase

New platform, new hardware, new apps, new ecosystem, new patterns, new frameworks…

We are heavily investing into Centre of Excellence:

  • Designated office space
  • Demos for selected customers
  • Designers and developers prototyping

See an alternative

Based on the model:

POC21 is an innovation camp to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society. 100+ makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks will join forces for five immersive weeks in a stunning french castle.

These guys (12 teams) will be focusing on ecology / sustainability / sharing-economy.

What is the cost of 10 people personnel and the office space? I don't dare to speculate about salaries. The rough estimate for an engineering salary is £50k per year.

Let's rent a castle

Carefully select group of 25-30 people:

  • Designers and developers
  • 3D artists / animators
  • UX / UI researchers
  • consider geeks / nerds aged 16-22 who normally wouldn't be candidates for a full time at Microsoft (no formal university degree).

Run monthly events:

  • Showcase recent work
  • Invite mentors, experts, artist
  • Mix teams between iterations (or let them stay and forge relationship)

Provide thriving environment:

  • Superfoods diet
  • Health / Fit / Wellbeing
  • Sleephacking
  • Bulletproof diet
  • Nootropics / Smart drugs
  • (basically anything that can enhance human performance)

Market the idea, mention a few key features:

  • Castle
  • People
  • Events
  • Diet
  • Stipend / Salary / Fellowship

I can tell you that many single people aged 25-45 working in tech have decent salaries / have some savings and investment / are willing to change career to start something new…

I would be greatly privileged to lead 'project castle' and #coliving #coworking with these people… And all for the cost of 10 full time salaries :)

So yes, exceptional situation requires exceptional measures The designation "skunk works" or "skunkworks" is widely used in business, engineering, and technical fields to describe a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.

Retreat Centre

more and more like us will come together and build our new enlightened and ascended society based on love for all/unity consciousness some already have started it..we are just going to continue with the natural evolution cycle of the humanity on earth for a part of society, like us and others like us the psychedelic/etheogenic nature is our future home

Notable projects on GitHub

300 burpees

Inspired by London Real Academy - a handy app that measures progress on getting to 300 burpees


CMD CTRL as in 'command control' - as I manage multiple websites across the internet I need a handy utility that will enable to communicate important messages from a single place

Instead of typing same thing over and over again just copy and paste.

Decision making process