Plan B

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Do you think it is too late?

See 1.5°C Tipping Points and Feedback Loops and Existential risk

See also Civil disobedience that could lead to creating Global Political Party.

That is why we need to tackle Climate Change from a completely different angle.

$1000 life-support capsule

Food + Water + Oxygen + Energy + Waste


Learning experience[edit | edit source]

We will solve many interesting challenges in the process.

We will get better at growing food and saving water.

We will provide a viable alternative.

Budget[edit | edit source]

$1000 is a round number that will be achievable in the future due to the economy of the scale.

Initially, the one-off purchase cost of materials surely will be higher.

This is a learning experience

Meterials[edit | edit source]

Now we have much more than just stone, wood, steel, glass:

  • superconductors, graphene, aerogel, carbon fibre..
  • GoPro suction - if you touch it with your hand it isn't even sticky, but on a flat surface...
  • Facebook 3D-printed drones beaming the internet through the lasers - so incredibly lightweight, staying up in the air for months
  • Sugru
  • Space blanket

This is all to say - technology is there, progress is there - just not evenly distributed.

Oxygen and CO2[edit | edit source]

Collaboration AND competition[edit | edit source]

Periodical checkpoints to compare the notes, do the scoring round, allow less successful teams to catch-up and resume another round of collaboration AND competition.

More opportunities learn from each other and compare the notes. Sharing knowledge early on to maximize the impact.

Avoiding dead ends, putting engineering teams back on track.

Incentives[edit | edit source]

Deadlines. Milestones. Checkpoints. Metrics.

It's good to have a clearly defined goal. +

Human ingenuity[edit | edit source]

Infinite potential:

The goal is to invite engineers and scientists to work on a goal that is way more meaningful than "geek porn".

Some modern exmaples:

Related projects[edit | edit source]

Stretch goal[edit | edit source]

"minimal sustainable civilization"

The concept should be modular and create aggregate and use of common parts - 10 capsules coming together and making use of some common parts.

Learning how to live on Earth before spreading out to other space. We will enable independent space exploration, a few decades from now you can just hop into the capsule and float in the space. You can float in the outer space and you can join an existing compound and use shared resources. Voting and governance TBD.

This is a big Vision but we need to start somewhere, a journey of the 1000 miles starts with a single step.

1.5°C Tipping Points and Feedback Loops MEH Civil disobedience maybe Global Political Party YES please, but it may take a lot of will, sacrifices, commitments. Plan B is supporting climate efforts. We are experimenting with materials, farming, energy and new models of governance, project management, collaboration and competition.

be the change you want to see