Relationship With Money

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For many years I was living in Poland and travelling to other countries was expensive.

In February 2011 I moved to London and had no money, no job, no place to stay:

Fast forward to now (September 2015) and I see progress... Money is enabler, money is a tool. Rather than choosing mineral water £0.40 for 1.5l or £0.55 for 2l you can focus your energy on much more important issues.

Money Making Vehicle[edit | edit source]

Recruitment Agency

I Was Too Frivolous[edit | edit source]

Now I am ruthless.

Why I was too frivolous? - I believed in wealth, abundance and prosperity (I still believe in it). And I was making everyone around me prosperous paying top dollar for their goods and services I didn't really need. Of course they were good value but didn't pass a test: "If I were to lose it, would I buy it again?"

Why I am ruthless?

Wish I was... I'm full of love and compassion. Please help me become ruthless!