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Legitimate[edit | edit source]

We have infinite amount of ideas.

Email Data Mining[edit | edit source]

Demo: (it was called "Triber" back then)

We have some other name suggestions but they are not public (Everything In Public) to avoid trolls squatting domain names.

Motivation[edit | edit source]

  • These days everyone is entrepreneur.
  • Everyone has some sort of initiative.
  • Even a mum that drives kid to a football game has an incentive to promote Saturday bake off competition.
  • So rather than promoting this initiative all over the place it should be sufficient to dig into email and extract most valuable contacts.

So far I got very positive feedback.

Bogus[edit | edit source]

Certifying Agency[edit | edit source]

Certifying something.

Certifying certifying agencies (going meta)

University[edit | edit source]

Giving away meaningless diplomas

Archive[edit | edit source]