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  • In the previous "iteration" - Recruitment Agency as the money making vehicle.
  • I think it will still remain in the category of sustainable lifestyle business but role 'money making' is now superseded by stock exchange and other types of trading (commodities, derivatives, FOREX, spread betting and all other type of financial instruments that hasn't been yet invented)
  • I'm not super-cool with working in field that do not provide any intrinsic value. Treating this purely as money making exercise.

Rationale[edit | edit source]

  • I don't have to beat everyone - it's enough to be 51% right
  • I got my first stock at the age of 8 - for instead of money or mountain bike I got some stock
  • I can leverage and go 10x in a short amount of time
  • Not being dependent on other people
    • I always try to improve my communication with other people and every time I realise ROI is negative - I find it easier, more entertaining and more practical to be myself and naturally attract people resonating with me at the same vibration / wavelength.
  • The Recruitment Agency was mostly money making vehicle. Of course I wanted to help some guys in Krakow but as far as I can tell - majority of them are already overseas:
  • If I'm about $£€ I should go directly to the source

Philosophy[edit | edit source]

Criteria[edit | edit source]

Criteria for choosing trading platform:

  • Demo account (so I can learn without using actual money)
  • API access (so I can write a computer program making trades for me)
  • User-friends interface
  • Mobile app / mobile version of the site
  • Access to historical data
  • Low spread
  • No cost associated to making trades
  • Easy way to withdraw the money (don't worry about problems that hasn't yet occurred and yet - this is a vital issue - thinking ahead in this case)

Recommendations[edit | edit source]

I have extensively used the following firms and can completely recommend their function and customer service:


Anti-criteria[edit | edit source]

I will explicitly ignore:

  • Free money on start - £20 for free will affect my decision making process

Using best equipment money can buy[edit | edit source]

I don't need as i put my trades on autopilot, that leads to low maintenance.

Low maintenance[edit | edit source]

I want to have life.

Pedal to the metal[edit | edit source]

Once I've established consistently winning strategy I'm willing to take considerate risks.

Risk taking[edit | edit source]

Losses can exceed deposits.

Question: What if I establish limited company to limit the risk?

Transparency[edit | edit source]

Not sure. Although I was massively inspired by the Transparent Trader I believe that trading is actually a zero-sum game.

Not sure. Need to think about it. In the meantime:

LOVE[edit | edit source]

  • Core principle in everything in do: Core_Values#Love_as_the_driving_force
  • If everything goes well instead of selling my time in a job (sitting position, slow computer) I could live life on my own terms.
  • Longer term I see it as a reasonable trade-off (calculated risk)

If you are not cheating you are stupid[edit | edit source]

  • If everyone is cheating and you are the only one playing fair you are stupid.
  • I had this situation in an online competition. It was enough to clear cookies and vote again. I didn't do that and I immediately regretted.
  • Example: - if you are not putting emphasis on your clothing (why would anyone do that) you are less likely to mate with other gender (against your odds of passing on genes)
  • Are there any processes in place to prevent fraud? Not sure, in fact they have all sorts of incentives to rig the game:
  • "Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men"
  • Shall I expose other people's crimes to reduce competition? (again back to 'zero sum game' principle)
    • Bad news is 'bad people' now have infinite amounts of money.

Fake tweet obama.jpg

    • Profiteering by buy-to-let landlords
    • Subsidies to too-big-to-fail banks
    • Poverty pay by rich corporations
    • Tax-dodging by the super-rich
    • (I wouldn't mind to be included on that list)
  • In the competitive environment with high stakes everyone is trying to get 1% edge. And ones who play fair are lagging behind.
  • I need to get myself into the game, because currently even if I were to receive insider trading tip I wouldn't be able to understand the meaning (is it good or is it bad - in case of VW I'd not it is bad)

Volkswagen emission stock plunge.png

  • "The men allegedly manipulated stock prices by selling shares of companies to individuals whose contact information they had stolen. They then dumped their own shares, causing the price to fall."
  • "Investigators said the hackers used the personal details to send out information to bosses' email addresses, promoting certain stocks that hackers had bought cheap. The price would rise, and the hackers will then sell off their now very valuable shares."

High Frequency Trading[edit | edit source]

High frequency trading.png

Talk Talk Hack[edit | edit source]


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Inspiration[edit | edit source]