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We use technology to serve our needs.

Use of encryption[edit | edit source]

Personally I don't use encryption because:

Usability[edit | edit source]

SSH[edit | edit source]

Remeber to backup your SSH keys before wiping a machine and installing new operating system!

Password manager[edit | edit source]

I was using password manager to create ALL my passwords, including email. And then, in order to access password manager I need to access my email. YEAH, luckily I was able to reset my email password using my Polish phone:

Password manager.png

Two-factor authentication[edit | edit source]

Using in all places that contain some valuable information:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Dropbox
  • Github
  • Amazon
Emergency procedures[edit | edit source]
Twitter[edit | edit source]

LinkedIn[edit | edit source]

"If you were to loose access to your account and phone, then you would be required to send us a valid government issued ID for further verification."

Backups[edit | edit source]

Currently this wiki is hosted on:

Chosen from the list:

Main factor: graphical editor - it makes my life so much easier and editing process is so much faster.

This is free service - run by volunteers - cost participation is donations basis. I believe in best intention and team so far has been super-helpful. With that said - we need to establish backup strategy as in "no single point of failure".

I would like either:

  • daily backups to off-site location
  • documentation of miraheze internal backup strategy

One way or another we will learn something useful, one way or another the solution will become more stable.

Question to miraheze volunteers - do you have your backup strategy documented?

For instance, I'd be interested:

  • where backup is hosted?
  • how often?
  • who has access?
  • etc / etc / etc... (I trust you know what you are doing and yet it is my job to double check)

Thank you :) (I really appreciate your hard work)