See Plan B inspired by recent events at COP24.

Climate change is not a technical problem, it's a human problem... Pretty much everything (a lot of pages) on this wiki revolves around this subject, after all everything is connected and this is one of the most urging problems of the humanity.

  • Many experts are concerned about global warming, raising sea levels and natural cataclysms of unprecedented scale.
  • Planet will survive, it's humanity that needs to evolve.
  • Learning to live on Earth, establishing processes and building operating system for the new world
  • Pressing reset button on operating system of humanity.
  • First we need to learn how to live on Earth so we can spread to outer space.
  • Establishing systems, protocols, principles allowing human species to survive in eons yet to come
  • Human consciousness is beautiful. It would be shame if it was destroyed by some cosmic cataclysm, see Existential risk
  • Solving important issues - as opposed to Apple Watch App For Drone Delivery Of Vegan Cat Food For Chineese Expats Living In San Francisco (AWAFDDOVCFFCELISF) -

Immortality[edit | edit source]

Longevity is coming. We will live forever. In one form of another.

Enlightenment[edit | edit source]

Once we live forever - we need to achieve enlightenment and be in peace.

Survival of the human species[edit | edit source]

Once the timescale goes from 80 years to infinity, the probability of cosmic cataclysm increases.

"Nasa Administrator Charles Bolden believes that colonising Mars is essential to ensure the survival of our species." -

See also History to see the evolution of the idea.